Vybz Kartel Drove A Permanent Wedge Between T.O.K. Members

Vybz Kartel may have drove a permanent wedge between T.O.K. members Double and Bay C.

In November last year, Double X, formerly known as Flexx, did an interview criticizing Vybz Kartel for consistently releasing new music despite being incarcerated. According to the dancehall singer, there are plenty good music being released by other artists who are free that are not getting the same airplay as Kartel’s songs.

The T.O.K. member received a lot of backlash from some quarters of dancehall after the “Fever” deejay was abruptly transferred to another prison facility. Another T.O.K. member Bay C also spoke out saying he is not in agreement to his former bandmate. Double X was not too happy about that saying he is not surprised. We’re told by a reliable source that the two artists have not spoken to each other since then. “Things weren’t good between them even before that so when the Vybz Kartel situation happened it was like the final nail,” sources told us.

“I don’t believe Kartel should stop voice (record music) for we to come run the place, and when I say we I am talking about Bay C, not T.O.K.,” the deejay said. Big up Kartel and big up Kartel fans because he is doing what every artists are suppose to do which is drop music.”

“I don’t understand how a man fi deh a prison and have so much songs a play and people out there hustling everyday in the studio, writing good songs, and dem can’t get them songs played,” Double X said in his original statement on ER.

T.O.K. is one of the most successful dancehall groups of all-time, but the group split a few years ago with each of the three members focusing on their own solo careers. It’s been years since they released a song together and now it seems it will be even longer or never.