Did Vybz Kartel Paid His Lawyer $40 Million For Murder Case? Jamaica’s Most Expensive Trial

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel paid his legal team JM$40 million for his high profile murder case according to LA Lewis who claimed that he has inside knowledge into how much it cost the Gaza boss.

This would make Vybz Kartel case the most expensive murder trial in Jamaica’s history according to our source in law enforcement. The trial already made history by becoming the longest murder trial spanning 65 days before a jury found him guilty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 35 years. But just how much the case cost the dancehall deejay. One law enforcement source told us that it is very possible that Kartel might have forked over around JM$40 million (US$310,000) for the trial because of how high profile the serious the case was.

“This was not your average murder case, it involves a very public figure with a lot of different elements that involve a lot of legal resources and time from his legal team,” sources told us. Vybz Kartel legal team is headed by Tom Tavares-Finson.

You have to take what LA Lewis says with a grain of salt, but he could be on to something and its very possible that the self-proclaim Worl’Boss had to dig deep into his pocket for his lawyer tab.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is currently gearing for his next legal battle, his appeal. The dancehall artist is confident that he could see a breakthrough in the case with his appeal hearing coming up on the top of the new year. Despite being behind bars for the last five years, Kartel has remained relevant in dancehall with a slew of new music from his unreleased catalog. He also released three full length albums that charted on the Billboard Reggae chart. This means that he is still generating a large enough incoming from his music to foot his lawyer bill.


  1. Big up yourself a true you a talk.

  2. Finson Jr is fine.?

  3. I never liked his lawyers I do not think they were strong enough. With that being said if he plans on beating these charges and have his conviction overturned he needs to pull it together fast.

    • Brandon Lee Martin

      I believe it will go a lot better this time around just because of all the bullshxt that went on from police not locking up the so called evidence (the cell phone) and using it while he was in jail… that alone is tampering with evidence. They had people in the jury that weren’t even suppose to be there including an active duty member of the Jamaican military if I’m not mistaken and a wife of a police constable. They had chosen a victory in their favor before the trial even began… that alone should tell you clearly that entire case was a sh*t show from the very start. Freedom is a must and Jah nah sleep.