Rick Ross Adamant That Kanye West Meltdown Was FAKE

Rick Ross is adamant that Kanye West recent mental meltdown was as fake as Kim Kardashian booty. Despite being called out by some rap fans for the statement, Rozay is holding firm to his belief.

The Bawse first made the statement during a recent appearance calling Ye a genius while adding “And for everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y’all ni**as.” The MMG rapper is saying that Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump yesterday only reinforced his statement that it was all a sham. Not that Ross is saying anything bad about Kanye himself, but his comment drew a lot of criticisms among fans who believe strongly that Ye had a real mental break. Let’s also not forget that he was hospitalized for over a week.

Let’s just say that Kanye had a few weeks to recover from his nervous breakdown. His doctor linked his meltdown to dehydration and exhaustion. Perhaps the three weeks of rest did some wonders for the G.O.O.D. Music rapper who is back in the public eye. There are also some added benefit for his mental health problems. The remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour has been canceled and it seems his insurance will foot the bill for his massive financial loss, totally somewhere in the $30 million ballpark.