Kanye West Meets Donald Trump and Twitter Reacts Very Petty

Kanye West is back in the spotlight and his first meeting is in New York City with president elect Donald Trump.

Ye walked into the Trump tower this morning armed with secret service and body guards while rocking blond hair. The G.O.O.D. Music chief has been in rehabilitation for the last few weeks after spending some time in the hospital for a nervous breakdown. One of his last rants on his tour was about wanting to vote for Trump, a statement his fans heavily criticized him for so it was no surprise that Twitter is reacting very petty right now.

CNN posted some video footage on their Twitter page showing Kanye and Trump doing a photo op before heading into a close door meeting for 15 minutes. Reporters asked Trump what did they discussed in the meeting and he said “life.”

Now what are the folks on Twitter saying about Kanye meeting with the president elect. Most of the tweets are not very kind.