Jah Cure Responds To Getting Knocked Out “I’m Doing Fine”

Jah Cure breaks his silence on a viral video showing him getting knocked out during a fight in Bahamas over the weekend.

The reggae singer took to Instagram last night to let his fans know that he is doing fine and also promises more updates in his next post. “Tell dem Im doing fine hypocrites stop spread rumors on my name; 242 is my town,” he wrote in the caption of a video of him walking through an underwater tunnel. “I WILL UPDATE YOU ON THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MATTER IN MY NEXT POST.”

Unfortunately for Jah Cure there is always someone to capture that moment and upload it to social media. Sources told Urban Islandz that Jah Cure and another man got into a heated argument because the unknown male found out that the singer was having an affair with his wife. The incident went down at a hotel in Bahamas on Saturday.

Two men attacked Jah Cure and his entourage and at the end of the clip you can see The Cure laying on the ground unconscious. The clip didn’t show how he ended up on the ground but you can also see a female screaming for them to stop.

The big question eveveryone is now asking, who beat Jah Cure to a pulp and who is the female he was allegedly caught with at the hotel?