Jah Cure Gets Knocked Out In Bahamas Over Cheating Allegations ?

A video has been circulating on social media of Jah Cure getting knocked out by another man in Bahamas over the weekend.

This is what we’ve heard so far. Multiple sources are saying that the reggae crooner has been having an affair with a married woman in Bahamas and was on the island with her at a hotel over the weekend. The unknown female husband got wind of what was going on and went to the hotel to confront Cure.

The below video shows Jah Cure wearing white in a heated argument with another man. A fight broke out in the hotel lobby with several individuals some of whom are members of Cure’s entourage. You can see a female screaming while yelling for someone to stop. But in the end Jah Cure got knocked out and was laying on the ground unconscious.

Jah Cure ex-wife Kamila McDonald filed for divorce last year after being married for three years. The pair have a four-year-old daughter together.