Etana Explains Why She Didn’t Vote For Obama Says “I Am Now An Undecided Voter”

Etana was a supporter of President Obama although she didn’t get to vote for him but she also noted that she is now an undecided voter.

The reggae songstress sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage in her first TV interview since revealing her endorsement of Donald Trump. She received a lot of backlash from her fans on social media but she backtracked off her comments a few days later citing ignorance on her part.

“At first I can’t say that it was such a big thing the election in America out here (Jamaica),” she said while explaining why she wasn’t more informed about the election. “I do a lot of writing and traveling and so watching the election is something that I don’t do a lo but I saw a clip where he [Donald Trump] was talking about the security of America and how wide open it was. So I said maybe he would be the one to take away that fear in America about people flying planes.”

Etana also explained that she is not blaming Anthony Miller for editing the clip from her interview on ER. “At the end of the day I clearly know how to handle an interview so I take full responsibility,” she said.

Watch her full interview below starting around 15:00.

Etana also explained that she was never a supporter of the republican party before her endorsement of Donald Trump.