Etana Under Fire For Endorsing Donald Trump For President

Etana is currently loosing a lot of her fans for her recent endorsement of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During her interview with Anthony Miller of ER on Friday, Etana made the revelation that she is a strong support of Trump. Her statement caused a huge uproar especially among some of her Jamaican fans living in the U.S.

“Yes I am a Trump supporter,” she said. “And I know a lot of people are going to be like ‘but Trump prejudice.’ He is not prejudice, if you look into what this is for me even in a conversation straight to the point black and white it is what it is and say what it is. Don’t beat around the bush because if you don’t like a certain things then you don’t like it end of story. That is the reasons I support Trump.”

Anthony Miller then pressed her on some of the controversial statements that Donald Trump made on the campaign trail like saying “Mexicans are rapist.”

Etana also says that she agrees with Donald Trump statement about profiling individuals base on their race and religion. “You’re in your house and you have to take a flight tomorrow and you’re looking around… on everybody to see if you see anybody who fit the stereotype of a terrorist.”

You have to watch the interview to believe what she said.

Anthony Miller also pressed her on her choice of music of singing about peace, love, roots and culture which is in contrast to some of the things that Trump said.

Etana made it clear that nothing will change her mind about Trump. She also spoke candidly about her choice of not living in Jamaica.