Etana Backs Off Endorsing Trump Admits She Didn’t Do Her Research

Etana is backtracking her endorsement of U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump after getting a lot of backlash from her fans on social media.

The reggae songstress sat down last week for a candid interview with Anthony Miller where she explained in length why she is endorsing Trump, who often make statements that goes against the message in her music.

“Taking the time out to do what I never did before & that’s extensive research on both US candidates So I can be more clear on everything,” Etana wrote on Twitter.

Etana also issued a full length statement addressing her critics while also making it clear that she does not support racial profiling of any kind.

“Following the interview, statements I made regarding social injustices and politics were not well received by fans, friends and supporters, therefore it’s my duty, and out of respect for you to clarify such statements; but most importantly, if I have offended anyone, I use this opportunity to sincerely apologize,” Etana wrote on Facebook.

“Let me first state that I sat for over 2hrs to facilitate the interview with Mr. Miller, which was then edited to under 7min, with that said, much of my thoughts and explanations were not broadcasted, which is understandable taking into consideration the nature of the program and media.”

“I take this opportunity, however, to state clearly that I am not prejudice, and I do not believe in racial profiling nor any form of discriminatory approaches against anyone or any group of people. It is my belief that for years we have been underserved by individuals who we have elected to serve us and it’s time we (as a people) recognize the need to bring these issues to the fore.”