Etana Backs Off Endorsing Trump Admits She Didn’t Do Her Research

Etana is backtracking her endorsement of U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump after getting a lot of backlash from her fans on social media.

The reggae songstress sat down last week for a candid interview with Anthony Miller where she explained in length why she is endorsing Trump, who often make statements that goes against the message in her music.

“Taking the time out to do what I never did before & that’s extensive research on both US candidates So I can be more clear on everything,” Etana wrote on Twitter.

Etana also issued a full length statement addressing her critics while also making it clear that she does not support racial profiling of any kind.

“Following the interview, statements I made regarding social injustices and politics were not well received by fans, friends and supporters, therefore it’s my duty, and out of respect for you to clarify such statements; but most importantly, if I have offended anyone, I use this opportunity to sincerely apologize,” Etana wrote on Facebook.

“Let me first state that I sat for over 2hrs to facilitate the interview with Mr. Miller, which was then edited to under 7min, with that said, much of my thoughts and explanations were not broadcasted, which is understandable taking into consideration the nature of the program and media.”

“I take this opportunity, however, to state clearly that I am not prejudice, and I do not believe in racial profiling nor any form of discriminatory approaches against anyone or any group of people. It is my belief that for years we have been underserved by individuals who we have elected to serve us and it’s time we (as a people) recognize the need to bring these issues to the fore.”


  1. Etana, your initial posturing was very disappointing as you did not come across as if you were informed. I will give you credit for coming to the realization that you were devoid of requisite facts.

    • Shut the hell up she knows exactly what she’s doing and guess what she’s going to vote for him anyway why because it’s her and her alone in that booth.

      • Apparently you have not been keeping up with the news!

      • F the news in that booth it’s her alone and then she will vote for trump because it’s her choice which I respect she’s only saying whatever she’s saying for damage control

      • Listen man, the worst thing that a person can do is make political decisions, whilst being divorced form facts/information.

      • Who need facts and information I go with trump enough hand outs make America great again

      • Yute, which hand out yuh a talk bout? You know what, don’t answer that question and you are in opposition of facts/information. America’s issues have nothing to do with mendicancy; hence, I implore you to stop with the malarkey.

        This notion of making America great again represents a fallacy that is beyond asinine–America is still great and is the greatest and the most powerful country on earth. Please divorce yourself from your idiotic posturing and tether yourself to facts.

      • I laughed at the fact that you’re trying very hard to sound intelligent but that’s for another day all other countries are leeches on America while America struggle with it own problems you wouldn’t know that because you’re a sheep following the herd it would take me years to impart knowledge unto you but that’s time and patience I can’t afford next time before you reply think about the repercussions.

      • Repercussions; are you kidding me? You are incapable of conveying a cogent argument and you have the audacity/gall to allege that I am trying to sound intelligent. Neophyte and insular nincompoop, you are out of your league; stand down.

      • wow it gets worst lol where did you get that form of talking from lol you know what you are someone that makes me lol while am reading what you wrote please continue i need this.

      • Good for you! You did not write cogently enough for me to follow most of what you were saying. Predicated on what you attempted to say, I arrived at my conclusion by means of extrapolation!

      • Lol lol I just read what you wrote and I needed a dictionary and a lawyer to explain to me what you were trying to say. at this point whatever you wrote my answer is yes

      • You don’t need a lawyer or a dictionary, well maybe a dictionary, all you actually need is a proper education; where in you actually learned something when you were in school.

      • You’re beginning to bore me

      • I did not seek the entertain you–you are a real retard.

      • Why you mad

      • Child, are you okay?

      • Am fine it’s just that you are so clingy and won’t let the conversation go but you know what am sorry for being rude to you am just arrogant.

  2. trumps grandfather was a pimp and had a hoe house as his business and he was a tax evader, his father was a kkk gang member these are some of the things that trump is so proud of.

    • Shut your pie hole with all that allegations make America great again that’s what you should be saying

  3. I don’t understand how you endorse someone without first doing your research. Why endorse any presidential candidate. If researching your words before you speak is not your strong suit, you’re better off just sticking to music

  4. Now I see her as cowardly and opportunistic. Why are people so afraid of defending their beliefs?

    Loss of a visa? Loss of fans? money?

    We can hear the words of Trump, but we can’t see the heart of either candidate.

    How many of those castigating her are without fault (some worse, perhaps)?

    • Great comment you’re very intelligent she’s force to change because of losing sales or fans so I’ll be a bit understanding.

  5. Dem bow, dem bow, dem bow, dem bow!

  6. same thing chronixx seh them did do him with the kartel interview, but etana apology accepted, continue do u research

  7. At this point it makes no difference I do not trust her. For her to even entertain such an idea she is whack.

    • No Mr hennessey etana have a right to vote for whoever she wants not what you or anyone else wants or hope for one thing I’ll say is she shouldn’t have changed her talk but I understand why she did.