Wiz Khalifa Rejects Amber Rose Sexual Advance ‘Am No Rebound’

Wiz Khalifa does not want to still smash his baby mama Amber Rose.

The Taylor Gang emcee rejected Amber Rose sexual advances publicly on social media yesterday. Rose first revealed on her new talk show that she had a threesome for the first time and it was a horrible experience. She then stated that she will rely on her ex for her needs from now on.

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But Wiz was having non of that and took to Twitter to let his baby mama know that he is no rebound guy. “Not here for your rebound after your threesome. Only peace and love @DaRealAmberRose,” Wiz Khalifa wrote on Twitter.

“Honestly this whole thing has me bummed out. I just wanted to spend time wit my family on my birthday like anyone normal,” the rapper added. “It’s just me stating that I don’t want to be a part of the joke. Sorry if any women were offended.”

Wiz has since deleted the tweets but the did started a twitter roast of Amber. She seems she was somewhat offended by the public rejection but tried to play it off.

“I’m getting publicly Slut shamed…Again. For the same things he does all the time…..Great. #GimmieMyWatchBack Lol #PettyAF still ??u tho,” she tweeted.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose spent the weekend with their son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.