Usain Bolt Olympic Win Spark Panic & Evacuation At JFK

Usain Bolt cemented his place in world track and field as the greatest sprinter of all time.

But his win at the Rio Olympic on Sunday night sparked a mass panic and evacuation at New York’s busy John F Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 8. By now you’re wondering how does Usain Bolt race correlate with a panic at a airport thousands of miles away. We were wondering the same thing too.

One witness told us that some folks at the airport was watching the race and an entire section erupted when Bolt crossed the finish line ahead of American sprinter Justin Gatlin. People in another section of the airport panic and started taking cover thinking that there was a mass shooting in progress. Can’t blame them with whats going on in America these days.

Law enforcement officials evacuated that sections of the airport and conducted a thorough search.

Some travelers also reacted to the incident on Twitter.