Konshens Performed On Show Delus Was Booked For In Seychelles

The show must go on. Konshens performed at a sold out show in Seychelles on Monday night despite the death of his brother Delus last week.

Both Delus and Konshens were booked for the event off the East Coast of Africa.

“Heard this is by far the record for people in any show on this island and also in this stadium,” Konshens wrote on IG. “Thank you Seychelles. Mahe island. Nuff love. My bro was booked for this show too so i had to rep for both of us. I appreciate all the love and all the offers of condolences. Thank you so much for your kind words.”

Konshens will be returning back to Jamaica later this week where he will start making plans for his brother’s funeral.

Delus committed suicide on June 22 at his Havendale home. Sources say he has been going through depression over some baby mama drama.