Did Tyga Copy Drake Style On New Single “1 Of 1” ?

Drake fans are going in on Tyga accusing him of blatantly biting the OVO rapper’s style.

Tyga has a new single out “1 Of 1” that has been getting a lot of attention, but Drizzy’s fans thinks that it sound too much like “Controlla.” Perhaps this is a case of you can’t beat them then join them. This is a snippet of the single “1 Of 1” you can get the full version on Apple Music.

“Go listen to Tyga’s new joint “1 of 1″ and tell me this fool isn’t tryna be Drake,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

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“Did Tyga really try to come out with a reggae song lol ? You ain’t Drake fool,” another fan wrote.

“You know @Tyga career is over when he drops a song that sounds exactly @Drake controlla to try and get back in the game,” another wrote.

Tyga is known for rapping but on the single “1 Of 1” he showcased some singing over a dancehall beat.

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The Compton rapper traveled to Jamaica earlier this month to shoot the music video with model Amina Blue, who he is rumored to be dating.

Despite getting some criticisms from some fans, other are giving him credit calling the song dope.

“1 of 1 tyga is officialy my New Summer jam !!!! I don’t care if he copied drake !!! the track is dope,” one fan tweeted.

One thing that is going good for Tyga is that he rekindles his relationship with Kylie Jenner during his trip to Jamaica. The song also seems like it will be a summer banger, after all its a dancehall flavored joint so we expect nothing less.

The big question still remains, did he bite Drake’s style and will the Toronto emcee responds to he allegations.

Do you think Tyga copy Drake’s “Controlla”?