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Tyga In Jamaica Seeking Collaboration With Vybz Kartel

Tyga is currently in Jamaica and he is reportedly looking to law down a few bars with incarcerated dancehall king Vybz Kartel.

The Young Money rapper touched down in Kingston earlier this week. Sources told Urban Islandz that on his to do list is to visit Vybz Kartel in prison and worked out a possible collaboration.

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“Tyga has always been a fan of dancehall music and a huge fan of Vybz Kartel,” sources told us. “If all goes according to plan he will visit the World Boss in prison and there could be a collaboration through TJ Records.”

Perhaps Tyga is trying to beat Drake to a Vybz Kartel collaboration since the Toronto emcee has indicated that he wants to work with Vybz Kartel.

Tyga will also hit up some local spots including some popular street dance and nightclubs during his visit to the island.

Tyga in Jamaica

Earlier this year Tyga posted a video of himself driving while vibing to Vybz Kartel hit single “Coloring Book.”


  1. Vivian Clementine

    I love Vybz to death. I pray everyday for his release

  2. jamrockprincess

    If y’all did your research y’all would know Tyga is half Jamaican, hence is vibing to our music, he so happens to be one of us, we just can’t hide.

  3. Big up yourself Tyga. You recogonise and respect real and great music. WorlBoss is the baddest thing ever; talent top notch.
    Support the album! KODH drops today!

  4. lol he aint good nuff for Addi, stop it kid

    • lol

      Kartel so talented he can make it happen for Tyga

      • well he better give him some of those millions he pimped from khardshian chick, cuz boy is silly if the thinks he can come up of Addi name

      • Even if he don’t give him once it’s spending in the economy him can go an come anytime. #hustle money. I don’t mi d a collab or a come up you know, both will reap the benefits. As long as tyga and hip hop community put respect on it. Long time both genres should’ve come together. The old heads who were benefitting from having control via record labels, keeping reggae and Dance hall shut out and away from the masses don’t have that control no more. Many thanks for the Internet. My goodness hip hop and dance hall are brothers and sisters for God sake. We keep having the family unit separated? They can’t hold back the inevitable. Bring the music and cultures together. We are in for an awakening in the music. A beautiful awakening that was happening with biggie super cat etc but they hit ppl out and p Diddy sold his ass to make sure things ceased to be successful. Can’t hold us back no more. So much love to Tyga. I appreciate the love and respect to the WorlBoss, even if just for your come up. ;-)

  5. sandrae gunter

    Obviously Tyga is moving to get one up on the others with all the dancehall love right now by wanting a collab with The King Of The Dancehall. Drake has talked about it but Tyga made the power move and forward a JA , hope it work out the Worlboss voice need to present in the main stream to bring the Authentic Dancehall sound

  6. Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall can you imagine if he was free how big he would be right now. This man is the greatest dancehall artist of all time.

  7. nuff artist deh a road and a try lock city yet still kartel a di hottest thing lol. kartel is the biggest thing inna modern dancehall