Alkaline U.S. Visa Revoked Shows Cancelled

Alkaline became the latest dancehall artist to have his U.S. Visa revoked and the ripple effects are already being felt.

Sources close to the deejay told us that on May 13 the news that his work visa was revoked. The problem reportedly stemmed from a new controversial single that the deejay released title “Save Yourself” where he sings about political issues affecting Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals.

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We’ve checked online and with his rep and no one can confirm the single. But several of his upcoming concerts in the United States could be affected by his visa cancellation.

Other rumors claimed that his visa was cancelled because he advocate violence against homosexuals in his music.

Over the last decade a slew of big name dancehall acts have had problems with their U.S. visa including Beenie Man, Mavado, Aidonia, Bouty Killer, Sizzla Kalonji and more.

Bounty Killer and Aidonia are still without a U.S. Visa.



  1. Now he can really feel like Kartel he always wants to be

  2. karma for basing your whole career of vybz kartel and not admiting or giving credit. He gon cry when he land in JA and release how many are out to get him. #FREEWORLBOSS

  3. Dude committed career suicide on both ends. You can’t go against the powers that be when you’re under their influence.You didn’t notice the same thing happened in America to other Jamaicans?

  4. im not the biggest alkaline fan but that is unfortunate. we need to focus on solidifying dancehall as a lucrative business so we dont have to rely on being in other major nations so heavily. they have the handle and dancehall has the blade