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Alkaline New Album ‘New Level Unlocked’ No. 1 On Billboard

Alkaline new album “New Level Unlocked” debut at No. 1 on Billboard Reggae Album chart. Would have been epic if that was the 200 chart but no reggae artist has done that since Shaggy did it with “Hot Shot” in 2000.

The 14-track album was released on March 25 and has been getting rave reviews among dancehall fans. Alkaline also manages to stir up some controversy where he took shots at aced dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel and his former protege Popcaan on a single title “City.”

Alkaline thanked his fans on Instagram for supporting the album and making it a success.

“Nuff luv and respect to my supporters the wait is over,” the “Champion Boy” deejay wrote. “Go get my album Thank you. All because of you.nuff luv and respect.”

“New Level Unlocked” was produced by DJ Frass and Lee Milla Productions. Bobby V is the only guest feature on the album on a track called “Like Me.” The project is also available on iTunes.


  1. Selling little over 700 albums is nothing. Seriously, did they do any promotion of this album? This is disgraceful if you ask me. If these artiste don’t step up their game, Billboard is going to disband the Reggae chart. As pathetic as this is, he has done what Kartel has never done, go number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

  2. continue do things yute, up & up. biggup dancehall music and every talented dancehall artist

    • You want a piece a cow cod beating.

      • you can continue to tear him down, but the yute need encouragement and guidance to grow and mature (not because him sing fvckry yesterday or today don’t mean he can’t change tomorrow, he’s still young and new to this). mi wah see dancehall doing great and we will not reach anywhere if we continue fighting our artists, that alone will stifle our progress (love him or hate him, he also represents dancehall music to the rest of the world, so when them look pon him, they look at JA).

        when dem do foolishness then we must talk it, but when they do good we must acknowledge it as well. they can all help take dancehall to the next lvl globally. when you show them negative energy, them ago reciprocate it.. as a fan of the music, help direct the misdirected talents.

      • I am not tearing him down but he need to get his ass back in a school before he end up like Vybz.

      • that’s why I’m saying he needs the encouragement and positivity from the ppl to help guide him in the right direction.

        when nobody don’t care bout u, then you don’t have a reason to do better, but when you feel the care and support from positive ppl, you take that into consideration and are less likely to do certain fckery because you know seh the ppl weh support you have greater expectations fi yuh.

        that is what the misguided talents need.

      • Yes I agree everyone deserves a chance. Bad influences are no good for dance hall.