Gully Bop Girlfriend And Side Chick Fighting Over Deejay

Gully Bop has his hands full right now with two women fighting over him. The viral dancehall is currently engaged to A’Mari but there is another female who has been wrecking havoc on social media. The two females are even threatening each other with physical violence.

Gully Bop Unmanageable .. Parted Ways With Another Manager

In related news, Gully Bop is currently undergoing dental surgery in New York City to replace all his missing teeth. The entire process will take around six months for the deejay to brandish his new set of grills.

Bop also recently parted ways with his manager and is now being managed by a label owns by A’Mari.


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  1. Lies lies and more lies just for hype. So me want to know who a the other female a fight over him nothing no go so how uno lie so man? Just like you guys lie bout him and Chis was back together over 2 months ago. Lie a go kill you people a do you guys desperate for news.