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Usain Bolt Says Rihanna Turned Him Down For Drake

Drake is getting all of Rihanna’s work work work while Usain Bolt says he is still waiting on that phone call.

The Jamaican sprint legend confessed in a recent chat with a TMZ photographer that Rihanna never returned his call since he professed his love for her back in 2013.

Usain Bolt Told Rihanna “I’m In Love With You”

“She has given me no love bro,” Bolt said. “Drake is getting all of the love with work work work.”

Usain Bolt also added Leonardo DiCaprio, who was spotted with Rihanna at Coachella last weekend, is no competition for him.

“He is no competition am tall and handsome and dark,” he said jokingly.

The good news for Bolt is that he found himself a smoking hot chick that he was spotted at carnival with earlier this month in Kingston.

Usain Bolt show off his new girlfriend at carnival road march earlier this month.

Usain Bolt girlfriend


  1. hahahaha…’he found himself a smoking hot chick’…where???

  2. Bolt is not her type.

  3. Man not even for money would I.

  4. He’s now realizing that there are levels to being rich and famous.

  5. long run short ketch, mek har gwan. but big up kasi, real woman dat, go tru gaza man