Vybz Kartel To Refurbish Schools Across Jamaica

Vybz Kartel is giving back to his community in a big way. The incarcerated dancehall star is spearheading a project to refurbish several schools across the island.

Seems there is a new effort by the former Portmore Empire deejay and his management team to rehabilitate his image. Vybz Kartel image has take a beating over the last several years which includes his skin bleaching, controversial lyrics and his murder conviction.

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According to his rep, Jeffrey Hype, they are looking to identify several schools across Jamaica that need financial help.

“We have a school ting weh we a try put in order fi support some school and help some school, and try refurbish some school right now,” Hype said. “We a go around and look some school weh want help. You know seh Vybz Kartel is all about children are the future.”

Other sources close to the deejay told us that this is a strategic move by him and his team to rebuild his image as he gears up for his appeal hearing in court.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for a murder conviction in 2014. He has maintained his innocence and is appealing the conviction.


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    mad! ppl don’t realize that kartel been doing this since 2009, i remember his interview with ragashanti in 2010 where he finally talked about what he was doing in the community for schools and students. ppl who dont keep up with kartel are unaware that he was giving out scholarships to kids in his community, he was giving supplies to the schools like technology and other school supplies to the kids.

    ppl who dont keep up with kartel dont know that he recorded most of his songs before he was incarcerated & convicted. if he didn’t record most of his songs pre-jail, that would mean that producers such as Russian (HCR), Linton (TJ records), Jordan (Chimney), Ainsley (NotNice), Shorty (Shortboss muzik), Diplo (Major Lazer) etc etc.. have all been going to Horizon to record and produce worldboss, because they are the ones releasing his music, not Horizon Adult Remand Centre Records.

    So why when every new kartel song is released, ppl think it is recorded the month it was dropped? I would think that he would have recorded plenty of songs about prison if he was recording from prison because he always said that music is a reflection of life, and he’s been experiencing prison life for quite some time now. when he was sentenced, the man even said he wasn’t gonna record behind bars.

    maybe I’m wrong, maybe he is and has been recording from horizon this whole time, im looking forward to him confirming that.

    check out this interview for a glimpse of what I referenced above, you can start it at the 5:00 mark if you want to save some time: youtubecom/watch?v=gGHb9xDjaJg (juss add the dot)

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    Whether its an image rebuild or not, still a good move, the MPs wid the Billions nah fix them worst like how election done now

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    Regardless of the motive, it’s still a really nice gesture.

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    It’s a real shame when people realise their true gifts and talents when it is too late. If he wins his appeal, I hope he comes out and sets an example for de yout dem that so look up to him. Vybz is talented.

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      Only when your dead its to late know that

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        If you are essentially locked up for life then it is too late. 25 years spent lounging in a jail cell is a waste of life. I do not care to know whether he is guilty or not. The fact remains the guy is talented and wasted those talents. I sincerely hope he gets a second chance at life.

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        He didn’t waste his talents he’s still talented . He’s locked up not his music.

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        He wasted his talents. It took prison for him to write an inspiring song dedicated to the yout and to see the refurbishment of schools as something positive. Had he focused on something more meaningful before, maybe he wouldn’t be doing a life sentence now. Maybe he could touch de yout dem on street rather than from a jail cell. It takes a mistake for many of us to open our eyes. Nonetheless, I wish him well. We are all children of God so I will not judge. I repeat, the guy is talented.

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        No,it didnt take prison, you clearly dunno his entire body of work

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    mad!, long time you were working towards this. dat them fi know