Tyga Is Bad For Business Sued By Another Landlord

Tyga is bad for business at least so said one of his former landlords who is suing him for damaging his property.

The Last Kings rapper rented out a space in Los Angeles for his clothing line but seems business never did so well so he abandoned the premises off Melrose Avenue and left it in shambles, according to a lawsuit filed by his landlord, TMZ reported.

Tyga reportedly left $75,000 worth of damages including painted ceilings, painted Egyptian symbols and ink stains. The landlord is looking to recover the $75K plus five months of unpaid rent.

In his defense, Tyga says that the building was not up to code in the first place. However, this is not the first time that a landlord is going after the Compton rapper in court for unpaid rent.

Last year another landlord took King Gold Chains to court for $70,000 of back rent for a Calabasas mansion that he was renting.