Tyga Need His Own Reality Show … Slapped With Lawsuit

Tyga personal life is fitting for a reality show. The Young Money rapper made headlines last week when a transgender model allegedly leaked secret conversation between them, as well as, photos of his junk.

Now Tyga has a lawsuit to worry about. The Compton rapper is being sued by his former business partner Chuon Guen Lee after their clothing line business Last Kings went sour.

According to TMZ, Lee says that she and Tyga formed the company and he was suppose to promote the clothing line and get them in Tilly’s stores but none of that happen plus the “Ayo” rapper made off with $500,000 worth of merchandise.

She also said Tyga started a new company and name it Egypt King. The hip hop star has since responded to the reports on Twitter.

At leats Tyga still has one thing going good in his life and that is his 17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner is still by his side.

Word of advice to Tyga, get your own reality show.