The Game Begs Jay Z For A Feature and Drunk Effen Vodka In Drunken Rant

Someone should have taken The Game phone from him. The Compton rapper had one too many alcohol last night while partying with his friends at the club last night.

In a lengthy Instagram post that has since been deleted, The Game begged Jay Z for a feature and promoted 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka.

50 Cent Calls Out The Game and Lloyd Banks Over Recent Photo

“50 Cent I been quiet for 10 years,” The Game said. “But I’m off this EFFEN Vodka tonight, ’cause the club ran out of whatever the f*** else I was drinking, so I said ‘F*** it.'”

The Game added that he was drinking Apple Ciroc but the club ran out after he ordered some 40 bottles and then her turned his attention to Effen Vodka, which is owned by 50 Cent.

“Then as I start drinking the EFFEN Vodka, I thought to myself, this bulls— is actually amazing,” the rapper continues.

But that was just a tip of the iceberg for The Game, who by then was overly intoxicated to be even taken seriously. He then turned his attention to ask Jay Z and Pharrell Williams for a feature, something a normal Game would probably not do. But then again he is a subscriber on TIDAL so anything is possible.

“Hov, I need a feature,” Game said bluntly after explaining that he spent $27.99 on TIDAL every month. “Well Pharrell too because he’ll be honest.”

The Game has since deleted the lengthy post on IG but not before it was plastered all over the internet.

Read it in full below there is also a Beyonce and Rihanna comparison that is hilarious.

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#TheGame was definitely on one last night ???

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Last month The Game called out 50 Cent after the former G-Unit head criticized a photo of Game and Lloyd Banks together for the first time in years.

“What do you see when you look at this picture?” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “I see confusion, I’m not sure if it’s just me, I’m a Cancer sh*t don’t get old with me.