Dancehall Music Banned From Playing In London Nightclub

A popular nightclub in London says that cops told them to stop playing bashment music, which is primarily dancehall.

Roy Seda, who owns Dice Bar in Croydon, is claiming that cops in his city view Jamaican music as “unacceptable,” according to BBC.

According to the report, Seda claims that cops have stepped up pressure on him that he had to ask his DJs to sign a contract barring them from playing any form of Jamaican music.

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In a letter from police officers to Seda, cops says that his club is playing what they deemed as “unacceptable forms of music.”

“We had a flyer which said R&B, garage, house, bashment and hip-hop – and I was advised to remove the word ‘bashment’ because chart and commercial music is considered safer,” Seda said after he posting a flyer for an event back in February.

However, the Metropolitan Police are denying the allegation saying that they would not request for a ban on any type of music.

“We have not requested a ban on any type of music at this venue, however the licensee volunteered not to host bashment music events in order to tackle the issues in his venue and make it safer,” the statement reads.

Roy Seda, however, insist that the letter he received came directly from the police department.


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  2. I believe Roy Seda, don’t know how to address the issue in this Club,
    Mr. Seda music don’t hurt anyone, and you can’t involved the violence of the venue with Jamaican MUSIC. Blame the society that cant control the violence and don’t touch that TOPIC that you cant manage .
    Jamaican music attract worldwide People and full your club for you to make your bread .