Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Clash At Britjam

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin feud is far from over. The old flames butt heads at last weekend’s Britjam party in Montego Bay, a sign that there is still some bad blood between them.

When Shauna Chin hit the stage she took a few jabs at her ex. “I was trying to make a n**** a boss,” she said.

Gully Bop New Girlfriend Gushes Over Deejay, Says Shauna Chin Is A Cheater

The viral dancehall deejay has been parading his new girlfriend A’Marie all over social media. During his set, Bop paused to take a few jabs at his ex-girlfriend Shauna Chin and her new boyfriend.

“My youth you must have ambition, yo never know say it was a madman Chin did a f***,” Bop told the crowd who erupted in laughter.

Watch the video below.


  1. Boy mi Jamaica tun ina nasty country. A pure pantomime down de

  2. Its enough now with the nasty slimy and out of control so call reggae dancehall.acts who are destroying the music.Its very hard for any serious reggae dancehall artist to make it due to the attach stigma that reggae dancehall hall have.certain reggae dancehall.acts should not get any publicity to further damage brand Jamaica.

    • I have never heard any of them on the airwaves there is no radio station around the world constantly playing their music. Especially that garbage Chin sings sorry but she has no talent.

      • The artist Vnitta Glanville who did the collab track,call Tell Me with gullybop,and living in NY can’t get the Track played on major radio station in the US,just because of the Bop association.The track is reggae clean lover rock track,which is the best track Gullybop ever work on,still his name chase away potential DJs,each time Vnitta team approach tv or radio in the US to promote the track

      • So way you a tell me say them no like gully bop music? That Shauna Chin she has no talent whatsoever she is just a nasty dirt oil.

      • Them like gully every gal, and specialist,but the daily two to three track him drop each week full of things most people do,but don’t want to hear about.The collab with Vnitta Glanville track Tell Me,is a classic real lovers rock track,and is considered by many to be BOP,s greatest track which is on vevo and utube media outlets.about The other one name.chin chin,you explain her talent already,and its nowhere in her talent,but we’ll….someplace else.

      • Sorry but she do not even have sex appeal either she is just there blah and blah. I guess she don’t even appeal to Bop anymore even hahahah.

      • She.drop Bop long time ago since his money run out,see her new Bop with her at britjam 2016?.which idiot promoter book and pay this..what ever to perform?things bad in dancehall,where are the foundation dancehall and reggae artist dem to protest the destruction of reggae dancehall by these drug out wannabes morons

    • The music destroy long time

      • Yes,you may be right,but still other new,reggae artist like Vnitta Glanville who just release a wicked track, call take me in your arms,are trying to keep reggae dancehall mainstream so that pop music stations worldwide will play reggae music.Reggae music can’t done my friend.Damage yes,but never finish, peace.

      • My friend, I have the whole history of Jamaican music on vinyl. Some strong music mi fren. I suppose I am not easily impressed with this late-a-days faux reggae. Is like seh people forget how good and strong Jamaican music can be. I see the lady in question in a duet with the toothless wonder. Mi can’t tek dem de sinting de serious. When I hear how dem a gwan and see dem wid all the hype on tv interview, mi jus realise seh Jamaican music tun pantomime. Is pure show and no substance. None a dem know how to write a good song. I write poetry by the way

      • Friend its not wise to put down the work of others while,promoting your self.If your poetry is so good then you need to release it to the world,and let the public have the last word.Blowing your own horn,is never a good idea.Your work should speak for its self,and not your mouth.

      • Whe you know? Ha Haa

      • Ok,your going into the insult area,so its useless to verbalize with you any further.Have a great day.

  3. Dweedle dee and dweedle dum little girl and big man. I do not find her talented at all like she takes Rhiana’s song and trying to mess it up with rubbish. Who cares about these 2 clowns I have not heard her on any radio station yet, go sit down child. As far as he is concern a big man like him so immature I hope he makes money and hides it from theee bottom feeding women.

  4. Please give me a break stop writing about the peanut gallery, they both used each other and this is their thank you.

  5. Who started it first? Geeze. Maybe, they should consider banning them from doing shows. Enough is enough man.