Drake.. Jas Prince Files New Lawsuit In Royalties Battle With Cash Money

The legal row over Drake royalties is far from over. Jas Prince already has a pending lawsuit against Cash Money Records over unpaid royalties involving the discovery of Drake.

Now it seems Prince has filed new lawsuit against Aspire Music co-owner Derrick Lawrence, TMZ reported. In his suit, Jas Prince says that he has a very specific contract regarding his finder’s fee for Drake.

Jas Prince was the one who introduced Drake to Lil Wayne and helped got him his first Cash Money record deal. Prince was promised a percentage of Drake’s royalties but says the checks have not been forthcoming.

Prince argued that Young Money/Cash Money was suppose to pay Aspire Music 1/3 of all of Drake profits and then Aspire was suppose to pay him 2/3 and keep 1/3. Both Aspire and Jas Prince says they have not received any money from Cash Money.

Jas is suing Lawrence because he is saying that he is not making any effort to collect the money from Young Money/Cash Money.

Sounds a lot like Lil Wayne lawsuit against Cash Money.

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