Jas Prince And Cash Money Reach Settlement Over Drake Lawsuit

Jas Prince and Cash Money has reached a out of court settlement in a lawsuit that involves Drake.

Jas Prince filed a suit against Cash Money and Lil Wayne manager Cortez Bryant demanding his portion of the money that they make off Drake’s music. Prince claimed that the label made $40 million off Drake’s music alone and he is entitle to $11 million from it.

Prince filed new legal docs in a New York City federal court saying that he has reached a deal with one of the shareholders of Aspire Music Group, a label that Cortez Bryant is involved with.

He says that he is expected to reach a deal with the other shareholders in the coming days and as soon as that deal is done the case will be thrown out, The Jasmine Brand reported.

In 2012, Prince sued Cash Money and Drake’s management for contractual breach. The music execs says that he signed the Toronto rapper to Aspire Music Group back in 2007 and negotiated a compensation agreement with Cash Money when the rapper signed him to that label. He says that he never received his fair share.