Lil Mama Arrested In NYC Days After Dropping Rihanna “Work” Remix

Lil Mama was arrested in New York City on Thursday morning after cops pulled her over for speeding and then founding out that she was driving without a license.

TMZ reported that the “Lip Goss” rapper is currently sitting in a jail cell after police pulled her over for doing 38 mph in a 25 mph zone. Cops also discovered that her drivers license was revoked and subsequently arrested her.

Lil Mama arrest comes a few days after she released a controversial remix to Rihanna’s single “Work.” The former “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge received a lot of bashing on social media from Rihanna Navy.

“She needs to get her own song and stop ruining other people’s songs,” one fan wrote.

While Lil Mama received plenty criticisms, she also got a lot of praise from some fans for her rapping skills on the single.

Watch the video below.


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  1. let the girl live, its music