Kanye West and Deadmau5 In Heated Beef On Twitter Over Serum Software

Kanye West and Deadmau5 are not fans of each right now. This will mark the third major Twitter beef Kanye West has gotten himself into since the start of the year.

Last month he was beefing with Wiz Khalifa and Bob Ezrin and now he turned his attention to Deadmau5 who is also a co-owner with him at TIDAL.

The feud all started when Kanye West posted a photo on Twitter from a laptop that made it seems as if he was pirating the Serum software which is owned by Deadmau5 label Xfer Records.

“What the f*** @kanyewest,” the Canadian DJ producer tweeted. “Can’t afford serum? D*ck…Let’s start a Kickstarter to help @kanyewest afford a copy of Serum…He needs a small loan of 200$ #prayforyeezy.”

That was a big mistake because as soon as Kanye West got word of the diss, he immediately launched into a Twitter tirade.

“# whose job is it to carry the head on the plane # hash tag # do you check the mickey mouse head or carry on # does it get hot?” Ye tweeted.