Director X On Rihanna & Drake “Work” Video, “West Indians Know How To Dance”

Rihanna new video “Work” with Drake has been blowing up the internet since making it’s debut on Monday.

The clip was directed by the famed Director X, who has worked with the Bajan pop beauty in the past. The song is so huge globally right now that Rihanna made a double video for it.

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“It’s a very West Indian style record and we wanted to give them a very West Indian style video,” Director X told Complex. “It all just kind of made sense.”

The famed video director also said that dancing comes natural to West Indian people, a statement that will resonate well with people from the islands.

“Drake is from Toronto, so he’s very versed in West Indian culture and how this goes down,” he said. “You don’t have to explain to West Indians how to dance. So you say, “Stand here and go.” The one thing we had to decide was at what point of the song does she turn around. That’s the big thing almost for any culture, but really for West Indian culture. Dancing with a girl face-to-face is fun and great, but you really reached the level when she turns around.”

The single “Work” has since shot up to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and this bringing a lot more attention to dancehall music on a whole.

The first segment of the video was shot at a popular Caribbean hot spot in Los Angeles while the second video was shot in Drake’s playground Toronto. Rihanna and Drizzy have dated off and on since 2010 and have previously worked on two smash hit singles.

Director X has shot videos for the likes of Sean Paul in the past including his hugely popular “Get Busy” video.


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