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Ishawna Says Nikki Z Is A Hypocrite & Foota Hype Not Even Social Media Hot

Ishawna might find another hit song thanks to a recent comment made by Foota Hype during his appearance on OnStage.

Foota told Winford Williams that his baby mama Ishawna is only social media hot. Last week she debut a new single titled “Social Media Hot” where she took shots at Foota Hype and radio DJ Nikki Z.

Ishawna Hit Back At Foota Hype With “Social Media Hot”

Ishawna says that she has no problem being social media hot because she is still getting more bookings than a number of deejays out there.

“I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to communicate with my fans through social media,” she said. “I am doing very very well on that platform and that is what I use to get my music out there… If I was not hot the phones wouldn’t be ringing. You have artists that’s out there every night a sweat and killing out themselves and they are not getting any bookings.”

On the issue of Nikki Z, Ishawna said that the radio host is a hypocrite.

“As much as they say all kinds of negative things about Ishawna, Nikki Z is 10 times worst,” the dancehall diva said.

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. I love her.