Ninjaman Distance Himself From Gay Son

Ninjaman is distancing himself from his son who is allegedly gay.

A video of the dancehall deejay’s son has been making the rounds on social media. The clip shows Ninja’s son driving car that was a part of a political motorcade. After all it’s election season in Jamaica.

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Ninjaman told us that he has nothing to do with whether his son want to be straight or gay.

“I have nothing to do with anybody and their life,” the Gorgon said. “It’s not me who curse you its you who curse yourself. So if you condemn yourself it is not me who condemns you. I reach a stage in my life where I am just living for me, my god and my music.”

“I am not going to let what a man want to do with him life be a stress to me,” Ninjaman added.

See the video clip below.



  1. And the agitators like to label Jamaica homophobic.No harm these so call flamboyant individuals,and it was mostly women snapping photos of them,and not derogatory word of hate was mention.on the tape about these individuals.

  2. Your world is gay not the majority of us. Have nothing against a man who want to be gay but don’t include the majority of us in it.

  3. Was Ninja even involved with raising this dude? If not, he’s hardly his son.

  4. Who cares really? The world seems to be gay anyways. Alot of people having 3somes and 4somes and 5somes and swinging and banging.