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Ninjaman Says Lady Saw Transformation Is The Greatest In Dancehall History

Ninjaman is praising Lady Saw calling her move to Christianity the greatest transformation in dancehall history.

Lady Saw shocked the dancehall community earlier this week when she got baptized shortly after attending the funeral service for the late singer J Capri.

The dancehall queen, whose real name is Marion Hall, also announced that she has cancelled all upcoming dancehall appearances and will be only doing gospel music.

Lady Saw Retires From Dancehall Gets Baptized Following J Capri Funeral

Ninjaman, who has in the past made a similar decision, calls Lady Saw brave.

“It’s the greatest move anyone ever made in the history of dancehall,” The Gorgon said. “Lady Saw don’t need a pound of flour, she don’t need a pound of sugar, she don’t need anything, all she need now is god because god bless her and put her where she reached and she do her time with the devil so now its her time with the lord.”

Ninjaman also noted that he is on a similar path calling himself a “warrior for Christ.”

On Monday night at around 8 PM, Lady Saw got baptized by Bishop Everton Thomas at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Kingston. She was accompanied by close family and friends.


  1. God put it on her heart she answered his call. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make you see your own immortality

  2. So I’m guessing the Queen of Dancehall crown has now officially been handed to Spice, right? Since Lady Saw retired and all…

  3. This is the second or third time for her but it’s never too late.