Wiz Khalifa “I Still Love Amber Rose” Possible Reunion In The Works

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been having an eventful last two weeks. The two buck heads with Kanye West last week and this week both of them reconciled with Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

The Taylor Gang emcee and his baby mama had a rocky year last year following their sudden split and Amber Rose crying publicly about being slut shamed by both Wiz and Kanye.

Wiz Khalifa Says Kanye West Apologize To Him Beef Squash

Speaking with Angie Martinez on her radio show, Wiz Khalifa says that he still love Amber Rose.

“I love Amber,” the rapper said when asked if they are both now in a good place. “She is the mother of my kid and we are best friends. We work together and that’s a solid relationship.”

Wiz also said that he is happy that Amber Rose got past the whole slut shaming saga when she held her slut walk later year in Los Angeles.

“I am happy that she got it off her chest, I am happy to see people supporting her,” he said. “I always look at things on the bright side, so I would be like, ‘you know people don’t see you as a slut anymore right?’ and she just be like I know but I still got to…”

Earlier this week we saw Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian hashing out their feud and Wiz and Kanye doing the same thing. Perhaps that feud made Wiz and Amber Rose start considering getting back together.

The two has a 3-year-old son name Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Kanye West famous brought the toddler into his feud with Wiz Khalifa and that angered Amber Rose and a lot of hip hop fans.

Kanye West did took a beating on Twitter for his reaction and has since apologize for his action. Which is surprising given that Ye rarely ever apologize.