Nicki Minaj Pushed Meek Mill To Enroll In College

Last week Meek Mill announced that he has enrolled in college and now we are learning that it was Nicki Minaj who pushed him to make the move.

Last month the Philly rapper announced that he is heading back to school during a surprised visit to the Overbrook High School in his hometown. Meek encouraged the student to stay in school and get their education, while stating that he is doing the same thing.

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“I just enrolled in college myself,” Meek Milly said.

Sources are telling us that Nicki Minaj was the one who pushed the rapper to go back to college and get a higher education.

“She saw him doing a lot of idle stuffs during his downtime while awaiting his court dates so she told him to utilize that time to go to college and get a higher education,” sources close to the Trinidadian rapper said.

Meek Mill will be back in court on February 5 for his sentencing hearing in his probation violation case. In October last year a judge arraigned Meek for probation violation after he flew to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles without permission.

“Nicki sees this as an opportunity for him (Meek Mill) to rebrand and remarket himself as a major force in hip hop,” sources added. “A lot of folks in the game sees him as a joke, and Nicki want to change that stigma and she is hoping that he will start to be taken more seriously by his peers.”

Meek Mill has been making headlines since the start of the year with a beef with 50 Cent and now a resurgence in his beef with Nicki Minaj labelmate Drake.

The Maybach Music Group rapper took a huge hit last summer following a devastating lost to Drake in their beef. Now he is looking to make a huge comeback with an upcoming album Dreamchasers 4, as well as his new 4-4 EP.


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    Now you tell me she’s not a knock-out!

  2. Great support from Nicki but it has to come from him. He continues to keep beefing with folks. I still believe this is a stunt used for court.

  3. chocolate_cherry0561

    It would’ve been great if Nicki did the same.