The Game – Ride Solo [New Music]

The Game have new projects in-store here in 2016 for his fans. But while the wait here’s a new track entitled “Ride Solo,” produced by Dre & Cool.

Some nights I hop in that Impala feeling like f**k the bulls**t
Riding down Compton Boulevard with a full clip
Ain’t stopping at no red lights, ni**as getting smoked, where I come from
And to the T Flats, it’s f**k ni**as, they be on one
But you gotta worry about your own
Ni**as’ll f**k your bi**h behind your back and leave a knife in that motherf**ker
Infiltrate your home, same ni**as you let kick it
Can’t see em but you hear em like a cricket
And just yesterday ya’ll was smoking til he asked for a handout
Since you the good ni**a always passing the bands out
Gave him a stack, **t ain’t never enough
It’s a cold world, who can you trust?

The Game – Ride Solo Lyrics

Listen full track below.