The Game – Ride Solo Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Some nights I hop in that Impala feeling like f**k the bulls**t
Riding down Compton Boulevard with a full clip
Ain’t stopping at no red lights, ni**as getting smoked, where I come from
And to the T Flats, it’s f**k ni**as, they be on one
But you gotta worry about your own
Ni**as’ll f**k your bi**h behind your back and leave a knife in that motherf**ker
Infiltrate your home, same ni**as you let kick it
Can’t see em but you hear em like a cricket
And just yesterday ya’ll was smoking til he asked for a handout
Since you the good ni**a always passing the bands out
Gave him a stack, **t ain’t never enough
It’s a cold world, who can you trust?

When your baby momma tripping and your ni**as on some bulls**t
Gotta watch who you f**k with and who you fool with
F**k around, get murdered by a ni**a you was cool with
And set up by the same bi**h you used to go to school with
Sometimes you gotta ride solo, sometimes
Sometimes you gotta ride solo
Loyalty ain’t the same
You ain’t alive if you never felt pain

(Verse 2)
One of my ni**as stole some money from a ni**a, he was tripping
That’s why you never bring your homeboys where you living
Chose the wrong path, thought a ni**a wouldn’t find out
Laid up in LA, using the bi**h as a hideout
Couldn’t tell em s**t and every time I cried out
He left me in the middle of the street like a wideout
Told em don’t go, but he ain’t listen, now he gone
Spent the rest of the night chirping the ni**a phone
Next morning came, see my brother outside
Tears running down his face, knew my homeboy died
And I’d be lying if I say I didn’t cry
It been 10 years, still asking God why?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Coming home from the studio, ni**a on your couch
Talking to your baby mama, f**k is that about
Raise a eyebrow, but you let the sh*t go
She a cold ass bi**h, ni**a, everybody know
But not at in the beginning, she was fine as hell
So you went in her, f**ked up, thought you had you a winner
And little did you know, she had ni**as on the side
Tryna be a family man, had to let the s**t ride
Whole damn time, bi**h thinking she was slick
On top of you but mind on another ni**a d**k
Only think she ain’t do was bring a ni**a round your kids
Bi**hes ain’t s**t but that’s just how it is

(Repeat Chorus)