Vybz Kartel – Move Yuh Hand Lyrics

You ever get a vex f**k yet
Ever get a vex f**k yet
Come yow, turn round
Bend down, dead you dead now

Nuh touch mi
Move yo hand
Work mi a work slavery just began

Nuh touch mi
Move yo hand
Mi a tab out yo belly
And f**k out mi fan

Nuh touch mi
Move yo hand
Beat up yo pu**y fi mi hundred grand

Nuh touch mi
Move yo hand
Gyal a me give you visa fi go a England

(Verse 1)
No body naw wear Yaki
Yo waan the Brazilian bruk off mi c**key
Which gyal a f**k and cannot buy a patty?
Meet mi a Tasha May fi you wardrobe happy
Mi wi mine you like a gold you a carry
If you crash a vehicle you don’t haffi say sorry
Gwaan a you yard baby a nuh nothing
When mi reach home later wi work out supn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh date rape
Yow Addi play safe
Pretty play mate bet seh you wake late
Mutton and stake meck you get a great shape
Big fat car park a you main gate
All you grandmother seh you gain weight
Who meck you do you nails and yo hair dem straight
Bout you waan sleep you have to leave
Shift yo draws, now girl move the panty shield

(Repeat Chorus 2X)