Was Dancehall Artist Devin Di Dakta Beaten By Corey Todd ?

Magnum king Devin Di Dakta was reportedly assaulted by nightclub promoter Corey Todd.

Reports surfaced earlier this week claiming that the dancehall artist was kicked out of Corey Todd club Taboo and was also assaulted in the parking lot.

Sources told Urban Islandz that Devin Di Dakta was partying at the club with his friends and was harassing one of the dancers before bouncers threw him out. An altercation took place in the parking lot which resulted in the deejay getting roughed up by Todd and his body guards.

The deejay’s manager Shelly-Ann Curran confirmed the incident saying that he was not harassing any dancer.

“That is absolutely true, he was kicked out and beaten,” she said. “But he was not kicked out for that reason. He paid his money and went in as a patron with some friends who were celebrating their anniversary. Immediately after he ordered his first drink he was summoned by a security officers, saying they wanted to talk to him outside.”

“Four men started pushing him out of the club saying, ‘di boss waan talk to yuh,’ she added. “By the time he went through the exit barricade, he saw Corey Todd coming with more men. Corey Todd and his cronies started to give my artiste hits from all over. Can you imagine five or six men a give you box from left, right and centre?”

She also added that the artist was beaten because he mentioned Corey Todd name in a song.

Curran says when she went to the cops to press charges that was when Corey Todd changed the story.


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