Quentin Miller Dissing Drake In New Song Over Album Credits

Quentin Miller maybe siding with Meek Mill in the infamous beef with Drake.

You can recalled that Quentin was accused of being the ghost writer for Drake when Meek Mill went on that infamous Twitter rant in July last year.

While he admitted to writing songs for Drake, he denied being a ghost writer saying that he got credit for the work he did for the Toronto emcee.

Drake Going After DJ Drama For Leaking Quentin Miller Track To Meek Mill

Now in a new song coming out called “Potential,” Quentin Miller seems to be taking a few jabs at Drizzy.

“N***as gonna put on that hat and act like it wasn’t me doing it / N***as stealing the swag and think they gone get away with it,” he raps.

“How many albums that went platinum this year that dont got my name on it – I’ll wait on it,” he raps in another line.

Drake did drop a platinum-selling album last year, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’ Quentin reportedly was only paid $5,000 for his work on the album. Perhaps he is feeling bitter about that.