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Gully Bop Previews New Song ‘Delilah’ Shauna Chin Diss

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin are having the worst week of their careers.

Bop is on full on attack mode against his estrange ex-girlfriend Shauna Chin. The viral dancehall deejay previews a new single title “Delilah” featuring M Gee where he took some shots at Chin.

The “Street Wise” deejay and his close friend and fellow dancehall singer M Gee previewed the song on social media last night calling Chin Delilah.

The couple are going through a bitter breakup that triggered by allegations of infidelity. Earlier this week Shauna Chin shocked dancehall when she posted a video of an altercation between herself and the deejay. She says that she was in fear of her life because he is trying to kill her.

Bop calls her allegations BS saying that she was the one who attacked him and knock him in his head with a padlock.

In October Shauna Chin released her debut single “The Truth” professing her love for Gully Bop saying that she will never leave the deejay.


  1. This whole thing has me tired. If feels staged all these back to back videos released. Now a diss song (side eye) If it’s true then he needs to legally cut her off and out of his career. He was so googly eyed drunk in love instead of making a diss song he better find someone to beat Chin at her own game. She is not dumb she owns him hook line and sinker. She could hv made him sign something that guarantees she makes money off of him Gullybop to her is the name of her business

  2. She a mad woman to boxside and thiefing pig she really was a fake that was only October and now is end of December. Out with the old and in with the new Gully Bop no make no gal turn you in a fool and clown.

  3. “she live ina mi head like Bounty hammer…” Leveeel

  4. Catchy song lol