DHQ Nickeisha Blast Spice Over ‘Needle Eye’ Says Cheated On Her Baby Daddy

Dancehall Queen Nickeisha and Spice are still at odds. The brewing feud between the two females have been playing out on social media all holiday and things could get physical.

According to the DHQ, the fallout is over the Needle Eye dance, as well as, promo money that is owed to her and her dancers by Spice.

“I created the dance name Needle Eye,” she said. “But we decided to stop dance with her because of money issues, she don’t like to pay people. So we started dancing with another artist name Don Andre and she had a big problem with that and making it seems like we badmind her.”

Last week Spice took to Instagram to blast another dancer name Sher and all hell broke loose from there.

“Yu say yuh nah come out ever Night cause u itch up a D boy yard weh yah mine a Spanish Town so how u vex Now…. yuh claim mi head a hurt mi when mi buy clothes fi mi dancer dem a Dat really a BUN U? clothes can’t hurt mi head little girl i OWN 2 STORES,” Spice said on Instagram before deleting the post.

“I’ve never been a Hype girl always down to earth and easy going so that’s y unu feel MI and unu a Size.”

Dancehall Queen Nickeisha also went on the attack calling Spice nasty and accusing her of cheating on her baby daddy.

“NAASTY Spice mmember hopeton f*** u a braeton an a walk a tell people say u p**** STINK thats why u a u babyfather did have problem inna waa day member u mouth stink an a me always a buy STINKING MOUTH SOLUTIONS FI U (DOUBLE MINT) Spice member u tek weh u best fren amn fi you u cousin an u so call friend the duty nasty black gal weh itch up pon u fi do the 4 some wid member the last 4 some u do wid the rasta man u cousin tek him weh from u nasty spice we naaa go stop say NAAAASTY cause u NASTY NO BLUTCLAT spice a who really a stop wid member weh mi an u go Mobay go promote the man weh u say a sperm dona gi u some lick because him see pure BIG H**D pics inna u phone an NAAASTY TEXT an u a talk bout a true him waaaant f**k an u no GI him.”

The posts are now deleted from Instagram.



  1. Neva like spice caah she always look dutty…neva mek a keisha know yuh business seet dey now.