50 Cent Says He Is Never Paying Rick Ross Baby Mama

Rick Ross baby mama want 50 Cent to pay up but the rapper says that its never happening.

The Get Rich or Die Trying rapper Lost a $5 million lawsuit again Rick Ross baby mama in September. He filed for bankruptcy a while later calling it a protection for finances.

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50 Cent posted a photo on Instagram earlier this week about an upcoming show that he’s producing with Will Packer.

“Now you know I ain’t bullsh***ing, I got WILL( Green Lit ) Packer on the Team. We walk in pitch, then walk out with bag full of money LMAO,” the rapper wrote in the caption.

But one fans questioned his priorities by saying “you still owe $7 million though.”

50 Cent claps back saying, “oh I’m gonna owe that, lol.”

Clearly, 50 Cent has no intentions of forking over the $5 million that he owes Rick Ross baby mama for leaking an explicit private tape of her online.