Sting Dismiss Alkaline He Is Not Worth $2.5 Million

Did Alkaline refused an offer from Sting promoters to perform on the show for $2.5 million?

The rumors started circulating last month as the show draws near, but Isiah is calling it BS.

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“I have not spoken to Alkaline or any of his people in the last two years,” Laing told us.

The promoter also said that Alkaline is simply looking for attention and he has no time for that. “I’ve reached out to his team two years ago and no one responded so we just never bother to reach out again,” Laing said.

Alkaline people are telling us that Sting has reached out to him but he has no interest in performing on the show.

Sting 2015 will be held on December 26 at Jamworld Portmore.