Is Alkaline Going Blind? Eyeball Infected By Tattoo

Alkaline maybe going blind as a result of his eyeball tattoo. Multiple sources are telling Urban Islandz that the dancehall deejay’s camp is worried that he could permanently loose his eyesight.

One sources also told us that the “Champion Boy” deejay recently had to visit the doctor for a eye infection.

Alkaline Dismiss Engagement Rumors Calling Them False

A rep for the deejay is dispelling the rumors telling us that they are not true.

“Vendetta is doing fine he is not loosing his eyesight don’t believe the hype,” his rep told us via email. “That is what the haters want to see but take a seat and look out for more champion music from Vendetta.”

Alkaline shocked the dancehall world in 2013 when he unveiled his eye tattoo. The procedure is painful and permanent.



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