MAVADO This Is The One Room Shack I Grew Up In, Not Showing Off On Beenie

Mavado came from humble beginnings to become a global dancehall star with one of the most expensive house in Jamaica.

News surfaced recently claiming that the dancehall hitmaker is responding to Beenie Man with photos of his mansion overlooking Kingston. But the singjay told us that he would never show off on Beenie Man with his house because he remembers where he is coming from.

BEENIE MAN going In calls Mavado “Barber Boy” & “Rapper Groupie”

“I grew up in the ghetto in a one room shack and now I am here with a mansion in the sky,” he said. “Why would I show off on another man with material things. I am just living my dreams and reaping the fruits of my hard work over the year.”

A few months ago Mavado posted a photo of the house that he spent part of his childhood in.

“Years ago I stay in this house in the country side like over 20 years ago my sister and Breda family thanks for the experience as a kid,” the “So Special” singer said.



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