Karrueche Tran Shades Chris Brown Calling Him Petty

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown reunion is not happening anytime soon because they are both still shading each other on social media.

Since their split in March of this year over Breezy’s cheating ways, the old flames have occasionally drop a few subliminal diss on social media.

Chris Brown Yearns For A Soulmate, Karrueche Tran Laughing

Last weekend Chris Brown posted a video on his Instagram page from the set of his music video shoot last weekend showing a Asian female dancing in the background.

“Check out BAE on the left,” Brown wrote in the caption.

Check out BAE on the left. ??????

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Seem Karrueche Tran took offense by it because several of the “Zero” singer’s fans began tagging her to the video.

That was not the only thing that Karrueche was upset about. Brown also posted a video clip of himself in the studio recording a new song for his upcoming album Royalty where he took a few shots at her.

“I remember when we used to be in love / Now you Hollywood, tryna get your name up / Now when I look at you, all I see is a stranger,” Chris Brown sings.

Tran posted a angry video shortly after that calling her ex-boyfriend petty. “To be petty or to not be petty? That is the question,” Tran said.

#PressPlay: Wonder who got #Karrueche feeling a way?

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Seems there is no happy ending for Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown given the current level of bitterness between them. Tran says that she is focusing on her acting career while Brown is focusing on raising his daughter and making music.

Chris Brown is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album ROYALTY ahead of its November 27 release. Something tells us that there will be a lot of pain and heartbreak on this album.


  1. I dont see what the big deal is….when he was writing all those songs calling rihanna hoes kae said he was just expressing himself through music so for him to now sing about her is his own repetitive behaviors. It was expected!! But i do take my hat off to kae because shes loyal. When tmz asked her about chriss diss song she responded the same as to him and rihanna …hes expressing himself through music. Good for him!!!!!!!

  2. karrueche far out tran

  3. This woman have no shame. When is she going to get lost? There is a saying when you feed a hungry DOG it will turn around and bite you. I do believe she is a mental case.The question is for you LOSER. Are you not ashamed of prolonging your hurt? Chris is done with you, just give up the fight IDIOT.

  4. It’s a thin line between love and hate these two and their love taps its becoming to obvious here.

  5. mom_that_cuss_alot

    she the one petty. cause she using his name .to keep her damn name up in the media.
    we didn’t know,who she was , so girl stop it she wasn’t mad when she did a threesome with him. so girl stop.

  6. Karruche is the one who is petty and she is also bitter. She pretends she has moved on, but continues to stalk Chris in various ways (looking for subliminal messages in his songs or social media so she can respond, requesting interviews to talk about him, seeking attention from him through her appearance in certain attire or with certain celebrities, etc.). She has not moved on, but Chris certainly has.

  7. No kae is the one who’s petty!

  8. This article is petty so let us move on.

  9. Chris is a music artist..the best material is usually inspired by your life experiences. That being said, Kae needs to learn to ignore & remain quiet when it comes to anything Chris. (It’s his job), and she will never be able to compete. His music is a mic to the world & alot more people are going to be listening to him while she can only post “petty” instagram responses to everything she is taken back about. Stop it already!

  10. Is Petty calling Ayanla Vanzant to interview Karrueche after her break up with Chris? How many other interviews have Karrueche called for? Like 7 in total and all about Chris Brown and she’s talking about being petty. What is petty is not being important or interesting enough to be asked for an interview like celebrities. Then having the interviewer call Karrueche out and tell how she wanted the interview to boost her career. Is that petty or just desperate?