Spice Claimed Death Threats From Angry Promoter

Spice says that her life is in danger after an upset promoter started threatening her over some business that went bad.

The “Needle Eye” deejay says that she was booked for a show in Chicago but was unable to honor the contract because her US work visa was expired. Now she is saying that the promoter is threatening her very existence.

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“I was schedule to do a show in Chicago but my passport is stuck in the Embassy which I have no control over and I’ve been trying to explain to the promoter that I do not have my travel documents,” Spice said.

“I have been trying to explain to the promoter but he hasn’t been taking it likely and now he is threatening my life, threatening to sue me and claiming that we scammed him and I am really disappointed,” the dancehall diva added.

Spice also added that the last few shows that she performed on were in territories outside of the United States which required different travel documents.

Urban Islandz reached out to the promoter but so far no word back. Spice says that she will report the incident to the appropriate authorities.


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  1. How does she not know her visa expiration date?