2 Chainz Woman Says Rapper Has Hit On Her Over Thot Lawsuit

One of 2 Chainz groupies is suing the rapper for $5 million for calling her a thot. You can recalled that last year a backstage video that the rapper released showing him kicking a female out his dressing room went viral.

Now she has sued him for a lot of money. TMZ reported that she just filed new legal docs claiming that the rapper has a hit out on her.

2 Chainz Sued By Woman For Calling Her A Thot

The female Christine Chisolm says that 2 Chainz has his people following her around and stalking her. She claimed that recently a black Mercedes Benz followed her while she was out for a run and the hit her injuring her arm.

She didn’t stop there, Chisolm also said in her legal docs that 2 Chainz song “Watch Out” and music video is about her. Chainz did rap about being sued for $5 million.

“Shawty said she want 5 million / cause I told her to leave and call her a thot,” 2 Chainz rap.

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