2 Chainz Sued By Woman For Calling Her A Thot

Thots are suing rappers and 2 Chainz is the first casualty. The Atlanta mc is being sued by a Charlotte woman name Christine Chisholm for calling her a thot backstage his concert.

Last year, 2 Chainz posted a video on YouTube showing him backstage calling a female groupie a thot and that video went viral.

TMZ reported that Chisholm is now suing the rapper for $5 million claiming that her life was significantly damaged after the video was viewed over 10 million times.

She said that she was fired from her job at a barber shop because the owner thought that it would bring negative publicity. She also claims that she has endured harassment and abuse in public over the video.

Apparently, she was invited backstage by one of 2 Chainz friends name Cap 1.


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  1. a joke thing dis, dwl