Lloyd Banks – Monument Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Angels raising up, demons fall when I move the pen
Lend me your ear, ya bleed a tear
Ain’t no fouler story to win
Confidence rendered harley and finally got no more room to sin
How brutal this movie been
Ball till my Judas do me in
My sails Peruvian
Big barrels merging adding the Uzi in
Burn down the studio, high off the fumes again
Abuse the pens
Snuck out the noose again
F**k off the tombs come in
Coupes’ll spin
And loads of stupid sh*t
Sought out a few should win
Boy your blooded bread to be crowned from to live long
Each poem leveled in stone
Beach bound better for zone
These clowns don’t know no better
Rebound, strut up the drum
You ain’t riding? Get out the car and take your bi**h ass home
Sit ain’t no mistake
You lift the burden rate as we regurgitate
Evil won’t eat off the urban plate
I watch them serve the steak
Stupid ni**as off the curb with hate
You have the nerve to break
Shoulda, coulda, woulda, been alive, got the word too late

You won’t be nothing you don’t deserve, I had to work for that
King story they depend on me, there ain’t no turning back
They gone do it all for attention, ain’t got no words for that
Caught tripping, slipping off point, fall in a murder trap
Money on my mind can’t keep my mind off that
Ain’t no turning back

(Verse 2)
Tip your f**king brim to the monument
Before I bomb you with
Land my hand grenade
Rocket launchers sh*t, my responsers flip
I’m prompt to hit your sponsorship
They want my mind to slip
Minus we’ll grab some hostages
Rivals cut off the chopperless
Bring me accomplishments
You dummies lost something in my expense
Belong beside the bench
My passport flipped in all continents
You couldn’t buy suspense
The streets stay jumping ain’t no time to flinch
Two times for optimists
Fresh shot of lint and a pot to piss
Fear the apocalypse
Everything’s moving, won’t stop the sh*t
Like I forgot my gift
I got em all wrapped
Few blocks of this
Laying on the top convinced
Lower expectations and conversations about these pricks
Money dropping out the six
Lost in the action
Refused then I make it happen
Back against the wall again, fast forwarding
More than average then
This sh*t I shipped and got tubbed
Will you rap to be popular?
Feelin’s flash in the promter
Gotcha where they want ya

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Lloyd Banks isn’t human. GOAT.